About Me

If you are here, it probably means you know what I do, where I work and where I study. Great, now that the boring stuff is over, you can actually find out more about me.
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As you might be able to tell, I am Jivansh. Yup the same from this website's adress and in bold on the home page.

I am an eighteen year old passionate about almost everything from football & tech, to music and theatre. Aside from that, I love watching Anime, petting dogs, and everything science fiction.

For The Professionals

Skills & Interests

As someone who loves to learn and experiment with new stuff, I have developed a considerable array of skills and intersts. You can find the most notable ones below!


For mobile app development I use Kotlin or Dart. For every other purpose ranging from backend development to "leetcoding" I tend to use Python, Java, C++, Golang and sometimes JavaScript. I also know English, Hindi and French!


Nothing better than a sweet UI to go along with awesome UX! I'm always experimenting with my "creative" side using Figma and AdobeXd.
I also doodle using ProCreate on my iPad.


🎵 - John Mayer, Vulfpeck, Earth Wind & Fire, Jeremy Zucker.
📺 - Doctor Who, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Community and Black Clover.
⚽ - Manchester United.

What I'm Up To

Learning - Docker, Event Loops, Algorithms.
Watching - Naruto Shippuden, Glee, Ted Lasso.

⚠️ Page Related Info

This page is no where near complete and not professional at all. It is still under reconstruction. Check out other pages for the time being.