The Best First Opportunity

Jivansh Sharma

August 25, 20213 min read

Laptop Using Git To Clone A Repository

Disclaimer: As of August 2025, I still work at this amazing place. This is just a log of my learnings from the past 2 months. All views are my own. Okay now continue reading, byee :)

Origins: How I Got The Role

While randomly scrolling YouTube, late one June night a video from a popular creator I had been following for 2-3 years popped up. It was regarding them trying to expand their facuty of teachers in their courses.

On opening the google form I realised the demographic of interns they are looking for are 3rd 4th years and having some experience in their fields. Among multiple openings, I spotted the Flutter Developer Instructor role.

Being one of my expertise this seemed perfect for me and I quickly spun up a resume using some LaTeX template and a bit of keyword magic. Being a channel with over 3 million subscribers at the time, I did not expect to receive any response.

After a month long process of 3 interviews and anticipation, I was offered the role of Software Engineering Intern as they felt I was better suited for this role and truthfully, I agreed.

The Journey: What All I Got To Do

Getting a job opportunity even before starting college was something I always wanted. However, due to Boards being delayed multiple times and college starting soon, chances seemed bleak. After getting this amazing opportunity I was ready to work on anything.

Hired initially as a mobile dev, I slowly realised that at a startup you have to wear multiple hats. I got the opportunity of working on the App, Website and another project (I'll get to this later).

I worked with React, TailwindCSS, React Native, Flutter, NodeJS and Docker. Experimenting with a few new technologies was definitely very fun and something I doubt I would've gotten the chance to do had I been working on personal projects.

The team here is great. Everyone is super supportive and very opportunity giving (if thats a word). Given the nature of the company I learned a lot about how small to mid sized businesses work.

I also was fortunate enough to visit their head office and understand how they operate. Meeting the founder (and youtuber with 3 Million+ subs may i remind you) was pretty humbling and motivating. I feel priveleged to be in such a position and have such an opportunity.

Chairs At The Office

What Next

Currently, I am living in sort of a dream world. I am the lead for their next product and am continually working on this amazing new technology. For the R&D, I also had the opportunity to work with multiple prominent Enginnering-Based YouTubers (can't take names yet :p ) who were very helpful.

This project uses technologies I had no prior experience in and is honestly very thirlling to work on. Having the ability to delegate work and build new products is not something I expected 2 months ago.

While college does start next week, I will continue to work with them for the foreseeable future and will be back for another blog post release of the above-mentioned product.